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Meet Coach Emma

I grew up surrounded by boys (brother, cousins, neighbors, friends), which taught me a lot. It taught me to stand up for myself and what I believe. It taught me how to cry. It taught me that I can never give up. It taught me how to play in dirt. It taught me to get messy. It taught me to be strong. It taught me to be competitive.

What it didn’t teach me (at the time) was how to love myself and love my body. I was a total tomboy and wore hooded sweatshirts 24/7...even in 90 degree weather. I developed eating disorders related to under eating and over training for sports I played.

I went to college to become a Nurse, but soon after--I realized that I wanted to help people prevent themselves from getting sick and injured--and instead of treating those individuals in which many (not all) circumstances could have been reduced or avoided with the lifestyle change--I wanted to create a movement. I was an extremely competitive person and played collegiate soccer during my time of studying to become a Nurse, so I was extremely sad to leave my soccer family when I realized my heart needed to find solace somewhere else. I transferred schools to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and finished with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion and Wellness...what I didn’t know was that was only the beginning.

I found CrossFit during my college career at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and that changed my life and my mindset even more. I learned to look at life through a completely different lense. Women are incredibly beautiful humans when you see the curves of their muscles and their mental strength when they push and persevere through mental and physical challenges. It’s not only an incredible feeling to be a part of something so unique, but it’s incredibly empowering. I needed to share this with everyone--both men and women. I began coaching CrossFit classes and digging into nutrition some more, and a few years later I opened my own CrossFit gym, CrossFit Blue Moon.

Through this time, I felt that a piece of me is still missing. I still have more to offer besides fitness. I wanted CrossFit Blue Moon to be more--but I didn’t expect to have been given the opportunity to start Rising Tide Performance.

My goal is to help individuals overcome adversity and overcome barriers that get in the way of their dreams. My drive is to help people heal from self destructive thoughts and actions that have been a part of their lives. I want people to form a healthy relationship with food as well as with themselves. I want to help athletes perform to the best of their ability in whatever sport they are competing in, and I want them to understand how to fuel their body. My goal is to educate as many people as possible how to balance goals with lifestyle and do so in a healthy way.

Besides lifting heavy barbells and eating food, you’ll probably find me along the water somewhere, or spending time with my husband, Ryan, and our two pups (Milo & Millie)...they have their own instagram so be sure to check them out ;) @miloandmillie_schilly

Accomplishments & Awards:
Owner of CrossFit Blue Moon
Founder of Rising Tide Performance
NCI Certification L1
Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion and Wellness
Competitive Collegiate Soccer for 3 years
CrossFit Games Regionals - Team 2015
CrossFit Games Open - Top 100 Female North Central Region
CrossFit L1
CrossFit L2

Meet Coach Ryan

Compassionate. Competitive. Chill. Three words to describe myself.

As a child, my life consisted of three things: family, school, and sports. To be more specific, baseball.

I didn’t just want to be good though...I wanted to be the best. The best catcher in the league...but I’m a family man at heart - so instead of taking the leap and going D1, I decided to go to a D3 school back in Wisconsin to play with my brother. He ended up graduating two years ahead of me so I decided to move onto a different school. I earned the D3 All-American status as a catcher, and tried out for the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox.

My journey came to an end...and do you want to know what I had?

Absolutely nothing.

I dropped everything I had and put 100% into the sport - and received nothing in return in terms of establishing a baseball career.

But you know what?

I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I actually found the love of my life, my wife Emma, and earned a Bachelor’s degree.

But baseball is a sport that you give your all, and you just constantly keep failing. It mentally drains you and leaves you out to dry. But you will KEEP TRYING, and push to still become the very best athlete you possibly can - despite staring failure in the face every single day.

It was baseball that taught me how to fight for myself.

I learned how never to give up, to strive for what I want, and it allowed me to build this mental strength that I never knew was possible. I learned how to work with a team, and how to take criticism. Somehow though, without baseball I would never had found the life I have to this day.

The tools that I learned from my experiences are what I want to use to help you RISE UP to your true potential and reach your goals. My goal is to educate you not only on nutrition, but how to become the best version of yourself.

I know mental struggle.

I know that journeys are long.

I know how messed up we can get, and I want to help you through it all.

Meet Coach Amy

My desire to learn has always been intense. From being that person to always asking questions, to reading textbooks for leisure, I could never get enough. Since receiving two bachelor of science degrees in Neuroscience and Sports Science while performing as a collegiate soccer athlete, I have been working in the field of traumatic brain injury research for the past 7 years. I have always been fascinated by the brain and its adaptability within different environments, whether good or bad. I grew up surrounded by a mixture of strong influences, all of which I later on recognized how each affected me and my actions, thoughts, and mindset later on in life.

This neuroplastic capability of the brain is a small window into my story and why I am where I am today. Through years of abusive relationships, sexual trauma, and self destruction, my brain learned countless defense mechanisms, adaptations, and most incredibly repression. Looking back now, it was nothing short of amazing of what it got me through. I began to learn through this journey that if taking care of yourself is not a priority, no one else will see it as one either. I learned that I owed myself the love I so freely gave to other people.

After finding this strength within myself, I finally moved back home to be with those who truly loved me which is when I was introduced to CrossFit. Having the confidence to surround myself with new people and being open to new relationships again; it was a big step for me. But always being competitive and athletic in nature, I dived right in and fell in love. I learned how unique and supportive the community was and knew right away it was something I wanted to be a part of. After the years of self destruction I had done prior, I can honestly say that CrossFit saved my life. Now going on six years, it is still a huge part of my life and part of what defines me. Every day there is a lesson to be learned. As anyone who knows me knows my favorite part of CrossFit --anything barbell-- but it is truly what has taught me the most. You walk up to something so much bigger than yourself and you give every piece of your strength and heart; sometimes you stand up successful, other times it throws you to the floor. Every time, no matter what, you are better.

Through this next chapter I began to learn about nutrition and how important it is to properly fuel your body for performance, but also just for true health. I began to dive in even further and pay more attention to my body and its affinity for what the earth can provide us. I was able to let go of the power certain foods had over me and started to discover a positive relationship with food. Nutrition has proven to me over and over again as medicine for the body. I have seen it heal others just as it has healed me. After a long road with various antidepressant and anxiolytic medications, I was able to take myself off of them with a proper nutrition protocol and the amazing support system I have. It is my goal to give that hope to others, as I never thought it would have been possible for myself.

It is through the chaos that I found what it means to truly love yourself. It has sculpted the strong passion I have, especially for women’s health and empowerment. It is through this road that I now know what it is I am supposed to do on this earth. And I am here.

Meet Coach Randi

I have always seen myself as an active person and really enjoy competing and pushing my limits. I started gymnastics when I was three years old, and competed all the way through high school while also competing in track and field on the side.

Once I started college, I gave up sports and focused on pursuing my bachelors in nursing. My first two years I was lost without sports. I tried Planet Fitness, that was okay, but I just missed the team and competition aspects of sports. Two years into school, a good friend convinced me to try CrossFit. I loved it! My last two years of nursing school I spent studying and CrossFitting. Unlike the common belief that comes with CrossFit, I never tried the Paleo or Keto diet, but two years in I did jump into macro counting. I thought I was eating healthy and that I knew about nutrition, but holy cow I was wrong! I had SO MUCH to learn!

My first go at macro counting I lost 25 pounds after completing a 12-week cut. It sounds pretty awesome, but I was not prepared to sustain it. I became completely obsessed with working out, my macro numbers, and the number on the
scale. I began over training and developed anxiety about going out to eat with friends and family.

On top of that, I started doing 12 hour night shifts for work. My original thought was “Hey! I’m still in my 20’s this is nothing!...So I lose some sleep, big deal...”. HA! It turns out it was a BIG DEAL.

Once I started night shift I went from doing two CrossFit workouts and running daily to forcing myself to make it to the gym. I became moody, I would get crabby over the smallest things. I was obsessed with the scale, and terrified that the number kept rising. I would try to stick to my cutting numbers, but I started having binge like behavior. Even though I had lost 25 pounds, and I was at the leanest body fat percentage I’ve ever been...I STILL wasn’t happy.

I knew I couldn’t keep doing this, and I needed help. So I reached out (more like begged) Emma to help me find balance. My goal switched from wanting to be lean to simply wanting to find balance in the gym, work, and life, I just wanted to be happy! Thankfully, Emma agreed to help me and I’ve become fascinated about nutrition, mindset, fueling for performance and recovery.

I’ve learned so much through my own journey that I have now dedicated myself to helping others who might have the same questions and issues that I had. I want to empower individuals and educate them about balance. Fitness and nutrition goals are one part of your life journey, and they should not be all consuming. Your health should be able to grow with you as you enjoy your life! This is why I became a nutrition coach. I want to help you find your balance, set your goals, and crush them!

NCI Level 1

Meet Coach Neil

I am truly passionate about everything I do in life. I am a perfectionist. I overanalyze almost every situation and then sit back and wonder if there was more I could have done. My wife, friends, and family say I have more hobbies then anyone they know: Running, golf, CrossFit, hunting, fishing, collecting beer and bourbon, softball, etc. I will compete with anyone at any time at anything.

My career is Software Sales Leadership. Often times, boiler room-type business to business sales where dog-eats-dog is the norm. Type A personalities are the only ones that typically thrive and survive in this environment of high stress and extreme anxiety, but the strong ones wouldn’t have it any other way. It can be exhausting at times, and the important things in life—Family, friends, nutrition, overall health and wellness—can get lost. I often think of a simpler world. Then a social event pops up with unlimited food options, open bar, co-workers, and excitement. Or a full menu at a fancy steak house. Top shelf booze staring you in the face 3 nights in a row. Travel. Fast food. Unlimited budgets. It’s so easy to make bad nutrition decisions. You know the cycle that ensues.

What I love most about my job is making an impact on people, inspiring, infusing passion into their day. More than any of my previous hobbies, CrossFit, combined with nutrition coaching, has made the biggest positive impact on my life. When I experienced the positive impact of nutrition coaching myself, I wanted to pass it on and make an impact with other business professionals. I knew I could awaken their senses to areas where they could be more productive, both at work and at home.

Through nutrition coaching, business professionals can lower stress, get better sleep, stay more focused in meetings, have energy throughout the entire day, manage food/drink temptations, know what to put into their bodies and when, better manage travel, and find healthy routines. More importantly, they can come home and keep it going. No more zombie spouse and/or zombie Mom or Dad. Energy. Passion. And it all comes down to proper nutrition. A plan for maybe the first time ever.

I help educate others on macro basics, providing simple, but highly effective tips, showing how business and nutrition are intertwined, and proving that when these things are in line, interactions with friends and family can be enhanced. My goal is to help you achieve sustainable change and become more productive as a professional, as an athlete, and as an individual. Successful change will require a very close working relationship. We will have fun, but I will challenge you and will expect you to be a dedicated member of this team. Together, we can create the change you desire!

Meet Coach Kelly

I've gone through it all. Through thousands of hurricanes and storms that brought be to the personal I am today. I climbed out of a very deep and dark hole, climbed up a mountain and am currently standing on the top looking down at the obstacles I have overcome. 

I lived my life trying to bury my past and getting knocked down over and over again. I started to watch others live out and achieve MY dream, while I was sitting in the corner wishing I hadn't given up on myself. I sat for too long, stuck in my past mistakes. Thinking I wasn’t deserving of the life I imagined, a battle faced daily. I finally woke up one day after a conversation with my coach. A door was opened and I knew I had to believe what she was telling me.  

The road to success, to the dream I have always had for myself (getting married, having babies, living in freedom and inspiring others) starts with embracing, learning and growing from my failures. I like to view it as, I am a work in progress, and I always will be. 

That’s the beauty of it. Just because things get difficult doesn’t mean you should give up, that’s when you need to start pushing forward. I knew, the last thing I ever wanted was to stay stuck in the spot I was in for the last 10+ years. 

If you are looking for a coach that will just give you a plan for nutrition and not communicate, that isn’t me.  

In order to create sustainable success and for you to RISE UP to your true potential, communication is KEY!

I will walk through your battles with you and help you learn to love the person you are, right in this moment while on the journey of becoming person you aspire to be. You will win this and will never become your past self again - because we will do this together.

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